Veolia Water Technologies Ireland

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Co. Kildare

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About Us

Veolia Water Technologies has been providing specialised Pure Water Solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Scientific, Food & Beverage and Microelectronics industries throughout Ireland for over 30 years.

The name Veolia has always been synonymous in the purified water industry as a leader of innovative solutions in the area of critical applications. With the largest team of Service Engineers in Ireland, Veolia Water Technologies is trusted and recognised as the country's leading supplier of Ultra Pure Water Solutions and Technologies in the industry.

At Veolia Water Technologies we strive to provide solutions based around Reliability, Innovation, Sustainability and Operational Continuity for our customers.

Service, Value & Responsibility

Service: what we deliver

We Continue to provide Water Treatment Solutions through our market-leading expertise and technologies.

Value: what we create

Our Reuse, Recycle, Recover, expertise creates value from water for our clients.

We apply our cutting edge experties and technologies to:

  • treat and reuse wastewater
  • produce and recover energy
  • extract raw materials
  • create valuable by-products

Responsibility: at the heart of everything we do

We provide complete water solutions and the highest level of support to our clients in meeting their Regulatory Requirements.

Our clients trust us to ensure safety and meet the most stringent performance standards.

Our performance depends on the commitment and creativity of our employees. Our responsibility shines through in the approach our team takes in every project we are involved in. Ultimately it is a question of motivation, commitment and pride for the jobs we do.