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10/15/2014 - Paris

SWARM, a complete solution for real time monitoring of water resources.

Water resources are more and more stressed due to human activities (combined sewer overflow or waste water discharges, accidental pollution, urban zone growth...). Global factors, such as climate change, add new issues such as algae bloom, floods, storm events frequency and water scarcity. All these factors impact the quality and quantity of water resources available for drinking water production and other water uses. The main goal of the SWARM project is to develop a network of sensors for surface water active management by water authorities.

Project outline

The SWARM project objectives are to design and build a complete solution for real time monitoring of water resources. Two main deliverables are expected: (1) a wireless multi-parameter probe network (2) a data collection and treatment system to provide decision support tools for active management. Another goal is to provide a solution to a large range of water authorities. Hence, the issues to be addressed by consortium partners are: energy autonomy, wireless communication and low cost design.

Main achievements

Partners succeeded to overcome the technical challenges related to the integration of advanced technologies. Consortium provides a multi-parameter buoy, a fully wireless solution equipped with an innovative energy harvesting system mixing solar panels and wind energy recovery. Focus was done on very low consumption sensors and communication modules development providing 5 years of energy autonomy. A first selection of sensitive parameters is currently available: conductivity, temperature, organic matter, turbidity, depth, flow speed and dissolved oxygen.

Data store web service was designed. It combines data measured by the buoys with public opendata related to water resource management. The user is able to access, with the same tool, without any special training, to all available information simultaneously. The framework developed is based on the last web service technology: search engine, no SQL database architecture.

The first deployment of SWARM technologies is ongoing on the Marne River in Paris suburb area. The Syndicat des eaux d'Ile de France (SEDIF) and its operator Veolia Eau d'Ile de France selected SWARM solution, integrated and distributed by ENDETEC subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, to survey 100 km of the rivers (1 buoy every 10 km) in order to detect any abnormal situation and increase water quality forecast relevance for drinking water production optimization.

SWARM Consortium includes French and Swiss partners: sensors industry specialist in micro/nano technologies (NEROXIS, CSEM, HOCER), telecom industry (HOMERIDER), automotive industry (EFI Automotive) linked with batteries and energy recovery for electrical car and operators of water sector (VEOLIA, ENDETEC). This consortium addresses the whole supply chain from manufacturing to service.


This research project is partially supported by the French & Swiss states (DGCIS and CTI) in the framework of the ACQUEAU EUREKA cluster.