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At ELGA Process Water, we offer a real understanding of our clients concerns, the challenges they face and the regulations they must meet. We do your best to continually provide innovative solutions that deliver results. We know that today's market is tough and competition is even tougher. We welcome this, and whilst never arrogant, our own customer feedback gives tremendous confidence in what we can achieve together.

The Solutions we provide create greater:

    • Trust
    • Assurance
    • Reliability
    • Sustainability
    • SUCCESS for our customers

Expert Service

We ensure our preformance through our market leading water treatment technologies and expertise.

Our clients trust our best-in-class service to protect their employees and facilities and meet their more stringent performance standards.


From pharmaceutical plants to laboratories, our knowledge and understanding of different markets is key to providing successful, cost effective water treatment solutions.

With a record of over 30,000 industrial installations we have the experience of treating your water source to the quality you require.

We know that water is a valuable resource and with increasing pressure on all of our clients for suatainable solutions, we are experts in recycle, reuse water solutions.

We can help our clients to measure and reduce their impact, ensuring complience and saving money.