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Process Water Solutions "Experience You Can Trust"

Water is vital to industry and Industrial Process Water is our speciality. We are committed to providing you with reliable process water treatment systems and service. When we commit to a solution you can be sure that it is backed by years of experience, a nationwide service team and an uncompromising commitment to deliver.

Complete Capability

Complete Service

Customer Services

Plant installation is just the start of a long and trusting partnership focused on keeping your assets working at optimum performance. This will provide the quality and quantity of water you require through the life of your plant. Our comprehensive Customer Service gives you peace of mind and support by offering you:

  • Technical support
  • Process monitoring, trending and management
  • Planned preventative maintenance programmes
  • Break down response
  • Extended warranties
  • Guaranteed response time contracts
  • Supply and fit consumables
  • Stock holding strategic spares
  • Strategic data storage
  • Parts management
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of ageing assets
  • De-bottlenecking and process optimisation
  • Resin & membrane inspection and cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning and hygiene services
  • Hire equipment to cover down time or emergency support

Water Treatment Chemicals

Green Solutions

As part of our total solutions offering The Hydrex Specialty Water Chemical range has been developed to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise in water treatment equipment, along with specialist chemical knowledge and testing equipment, can help you significantly improve the management of scaling, biofouling, corrosion and suspended solids in boilers, cooling towers, membranes and conventional water treatment equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced unnecessary downtime
  • Enhanced working life of equipment
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Added safety of operation.

Our focus is to minimise your chemical consumption in order to protect the environment.

Read more about our Chemical Solutions

Regeneration Services

Pure Water Regeneration Services

For low flow, high purity water applications try our offsite regeneration service. You use our resin and carbon filled cylinders and return to us to be regenerated at our central regeneration facility via our dedicated transport network.

"No waste, no chemicals, no hassle."

Applications include:

  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Battery top up
  • Glazing and glass washing
  • Equipment cooling
  • Polishing
  • And many more

Sustainability Solutions For Industry

Waste Water Recycled: Recycle, Reuse Solutions

Good water is too expensive to waste. You've paid once to receive it and treat it, you'll pay again when you dispose of it. Keep hold of it as long as you can by recycling. Veolia Water Technologies can help you to turn your'waste water' into a valuable resource.

Visit our Case Study Library to read how we enabled Pfizer to recover 75% of their'waste water' at their Biotechnology Plant in Cork, Ireland