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Creating water solutions for the Microelectronics Industry

Veolia Water Technologies are world leaders when it comes to producing Ultrapure water for the microelectronics industry. We can also provide Recycle, Reuse solutions to help reduce your overall water consumption.


Addressing the microelectronics industries water issues

We understand combining industrial performance and cost efficiency with Sustainable Development is a key challenge for the microelectronics industry. We provide our clients with efficient and reliable water treatment technologies along with solutions to reduce energy and chemical comsumption, lower water footprint and recover valuable materials.

Specific Applications

We understand that, to meet the rising demand and address water challenges, the microelectronics industries must rely on cutting edge and innovative technologies, improved effectiveness and sustainable water management. Our customers benefit from our global technical expertise in:

Associated Services

To ensure business continuity and optimised plant operations, we have developed a wide range of services that guarantee the long term efficiency and optimisation of your installations.