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Laboratory Water Design

At Veolia we understand the workflow of laboratories and this allows us to focus on our customers requirments. We are involved from the concept stage to facility design, through to the build and installation of the purified water system. The result is a pure water supply that meets even the most demanding specifications

Water Types & Uses

Purifed water is critical for many different applications within a laboratory, and there are several different grades of water for different procedures or applications. When designing a water system, the first thing to establish is what water grade is required.

  • Type I, ultrapure water - Smaller volumes for critical applications e.g. ICP-MS, HPLC ion chromatography and DNA Sequencing.
  • Type II, pure water - Moderate volumes for making up reagents, buffers, media, and analytical techniques.
  • Type III, or primary grade water - Large volumes for washing glassware, steam generators autoclaves and purified water systems.

Designing a Lab System

There are three potential options:

Option 1

A pre-purified central supply within the building, with polishing at the point of use.

Option 2

Mains water which is purified at the point of use.

Option 3

Mains water supplied to a local pre-purified loop and then polished at the point of use

Design Considerations

Bench Space

We have space-saving options which include vertical design (smaill footprint) and wall mounted purifiers. With controls on the hand-held dispenser, the purifier itself can be positioned out of the way.

Contaminant Avoidance

Can be improved by using a vent filter which helps to reduce contamination by atmospheric micoorganisms, organic vapours and carbon dioxide.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to stringent quality control processes guarantees reliability and compliance with both internation, environmental and user organisation standards.

  • Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 abd ISO14001
  • Tested to comply with CE, EMC, EN61010 (UL CSA), PIRA, WEEE directive.