Veolia Water Technologies Ireland

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Co. Kildare

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Providing Sustainable water treatment solutions for boilers and cooling towers.


A global biopharmaceutical company with an extensive portfolio of medicines ranging from cardiovascular, rheumatoid arthritis to cancer treatment drugs, has been at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation for over 120 years.

Located in north Dublin, producing bulk pharmaceutical products, operational since 2004. The facility uses water for a number of critical applications.

Client Needs

Cost effective, environmentally sound, legislatively compliant, effective chemical treatment service.

  • To ensure 100% availability of utilities
  • To control and reduce maintenance costs
  • Minimise unexpected shutdowns
  • To ensure EHS compliance
  • Maximise system effciency

Veolia Water Technologies Solution

A complete site survey identified key improvements that would lead to significant cost savings and equipment efficiencies.

Where basic routines could be completed by on site customer operatives, comprehensive training was given and this eliminated a major element of service costs.

A review of the chemical program and volumes idenitifed the opportunity for significant reduction in chemistry application.

Key equipment was upgraded as part of the contract and this led to efficiencies in how and when chemicals were dosed.


Cost Savings- Upfront as part of chemical program service review.

Maximise equipment efficiencies - Scale and biofilm on cooling towers visibly reduced. Blow down on boilers reduced by 30% on average.

Significant reduction in chemical applications - Two hazardous chemical applications removed from the site program and replaced with a single'green' alternative.