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Mobile Water Services

Our Mobile Water Services provides you pure water anytime, anyplace, anywhere, servicing a wide range of requirements from emergency Pure Water supplies to rental for additional capacity.

Planned Temporary Hire

Our Mobile Water Services includes modular treatment plants, for industries with short, mid or long term purified water needs.

Planned hire is typically used to cover peak demand periods, new plant commissioning or pilot trials. Aquamove has a range of solutions to meet your requirements - pre-treated, softened, demineralised, pure and ultra-pure water - on a short, mid or long term hire.

Emergency Rental

Mobile Flexible Ion Exchange

Continuity of the production cycle is essential. In case of emergency, a trailer or container will be on site in less than 24 hours*.

A service engineer will operate the equipment if required. Based on a comprehensive onsite survey, we can anticipate your needs in the event of water treatment plant failure and develop a Site Response Pack. The PREACT™ service ensures we will arrive with the equipment and resources to prevent lost production.

Long-term Contracts

A Dedicated On-site Presence

Thanks to our full on-site service, temporary hire contracts can move to long term contracts (up to 3 years). Beyond this period, Veolia is able to provide an ALL IN PACK™ of innovative solution, which brings you all the security of a global service-supply of equipment, financial leasing and maintenance service.