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Reco Solutions

Using technology for recovering reverse osmosis (RO) wastewater or making boiler feedwater more efficient to reduce blowdown, ELGA Process Water can demonstrate cost savings and a rapid return on investment with Reco Solutions.

Reco Solutions are technological solutions for any company looking to optimise their systems, save money and adopt a more sustainable approach to minimise their impact on the environment.

Veolia Water Technologies have developed an online calculator which provides an approximate indication of potential cost savings. All it requires is an entry of basic operational running data for an instant calculation.

  • Significantly reduce your running costs
  • Meet your environmental targets
  • Demonstrate a rapid return on investment

Our Free Online Calculator will allow you to see the potential savings in your process.

All calculations are estimates, for an accurate audit of your water consumption please contact us.

RecoBLUE solutions are designed to recover 50% of your reverse osmosis wastewater and reduce your running costs.

RecoSMART technology will improve boiler feedwater quality and reduce overall running costs.