Marine Industry

Discover Veolia Water Technologies' many activities in the marine environment!

RWO: the benchmark for water treatment in marine environments

Veolia Water Technologies and RWO carry out rigorous water resource management every day in very sensitive environments such as ships and offshore oil rigs. From ballast water treatment to desalination, our technologies guarantee very high water quality.   

RWO Veolia: recognized in the marine industries

Ships and offshore oil rigs are closed environments where water supplies and management represent a complex, high-stakes challenge. Operating across the globe, engineers from Veolia Water Technologies and its subsidiary RWO Veolia work daily on behalf of maritime companies.
The scarcity of drinking water resources requires marine professionals to use systems to optimize the water cycle within their ships and oil rigs, including purification, recycling and desalination.    

Did you know?

Over 15,000 ships worldwide are already equipped with our patented technologies.

A full range of water and sanitation activities

RWO Veolia offers maritime professionals custom turnkey solutions to all their water-related problems.
Ballast water treatment
To enable merchant marine professionals to ensure they comply with new international standards, RWO Veolia has developed tailored technologies:

  • CleanBallast™: a water treatment technology eliminates all the various microorganisms, sediments and organic matter in the ballast tanks before their contents are released into the ocean.
  • EctoSys™: a treatment unit then disinfects the water and eliminates all the bacteria. The water in the ballast tanks is thus treated and purified.    

Oil/water separation
The very compact and economical systems for decanting and filtering water and used oil developed by our teams of engineers comply with the standards in force. Their excellent level of performance is achieved thanks to an ingenious system using a porous coalescing filter followed by a chemical second stage filter treatment to separate oil and hydrocarbons.


Wastewater treatment at sea

- CleanSewage Bio: the system is designed above all to be extremely easy to maintain and operate. The CleanSewage unit is accessed from one side and can thus be placed against the side of the ship, revolutionizing the use of space in the engine room.    

The users and technicians in charge of the system can carry out all the everyday operations hygienically with no direct contact. This custom water treatment system consists of three filtration tanks, and this structure's proven effectiveness meets the quality standards set by IMO resolution MEPC.227 (64).    

Reverse osmosis desalination and drinking water purification treatments

- SRO: this patented RWO technology provides plentiful filtered drinking water for the whole crew. It draws on progress in the field of membrane processes for water treatment. 

The quality of drinking water and process water at sea is a fundamental challenge for many professionals in the merchant navy and the oil industry. Discover the solutions developed by Veolia Water Technologies and RWO now.