Pharmaceutical Water

Delivering compliant process and waste to recovery water for pharmaceutical/cosmetic needs.


Our pharmaceutical solutions include a variety of water systems that can be used in pharmaceutical plants.

We have years of experience in product development, project management and service offerings for the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries for water for pharmaceutical purposes. We can support you in meeting all regulatory requirements, from water system design, installation, commissioning, validation and ongoing performance qualification, throughout the life of your system. 

By listening to our customers we have developed a range of utility water, compendial process water, purified water and wastewater treatment solutions for pharmaceutical/cosmetic purposes. These are critical for compliance with regulations and environmental targets, and to improve your manufacturing efficiency.

  • Production of purified water
  • Water for injection
  • Clean steam and the management of wastewater
  • The development of water reuse and resource recovery

Hot vs. Cold Water for Injection

Balancing cost and risk in your pharma business
Which WFI option is right for your pharmaceutical business?

The trade-off between cost and risk can make it difficult to decide whether Hot or Cold WFI is best for your business. So we’ve put together some free resources to help you find out more about your choices. 

AQUAVISTATM can offer pharmaceutical manufacturers the ability to monitor vital systems such as water treatment, purified water, and wastewater treatment machinery with regards to chemical composition and equipment mechanical health. This can allow manufacturers to reduce downtime, waste from spoiled batches of product as well as optimising maintenance costs and operator time. With AQUAVISTATM Assist, operators can be further reassured by the real-time online support provided by Veolia’s team of process experts.

We are here to support companies restarting water production post lockdown. SDI Service is a low capital cost water purifying system that can be set up in no time at all.



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