Modula Family™

The modular concept for high purity water for dialysis.

Veolia Water Technologies UK is the UK & Ireland exclusive distributor for the dialysis water specialists, DWA.

Designed specifically for the modern Haemodialysis facility the Modula™ family provides treated water to current quality specifications and can provide flow rates from 350L/Hr to 3500L/Hr from a single unit.

The Modula™ can also be easily linked for higher flow-ratesor series operation. Each model in the family is skid mounted and designed to pass through a standard single sized doorway for ease of installation and that also provides clear access for routine maintenance.



  • Fully supported before, during and after installation by the nationwide resources of one the largest global environmental providers.
  • Following successful hand-over the support is provided by the in-house, fully trained and experienced service team.
  • Standard or bespoke service contracts are available to meet your needs and requirements

Modula™ S

The cost effective, secure RO unit for maximum control and monitoring

Modula™ S-TP

Modula™ S-TP - Designed for use with poor feed water quality or when higher levels of permeate chemical purity are required.

Modula™ S-XL

Modula™ S-XL - The high output compact unit with in built capability for redundant operation


The economic, proven, reliable RO unit for high purity water for dialysis.