Modula™ S

The cost effective, secure RO unit for maximum control and monitoring

Includes the best features of the Modula™ reverse osmosis unit plus:

  • Water saving technology
  • Silent operation (58 dB)
  • Selectable Autoflush mode
  • Emergency override to manual operation
  • Modem, terminal and serial printer connections
  • Integrated modem for remote data transfer and status reports for economic servicing
  • The Modula™ S can also be easily linked for higher flow-rates or series operation.


Technical Details

  • Performance Parameters
  • Permeate output at 10°C water temperature from 300 - 1500 l/h
  • 98% retention rate of inorganic substances
  • 2-5 bar permeate pressure
  • Recovery rate: 85%
  • Manufactured to MDD


  • Width - 1190mm
  • Height - 1500mm
  • Depth - 690mm
  • Weight (max) - 280kg

Modula Family™

Veolia Water Technologies UK is the UK & Ireland exclusive distributor for the dialysis water specialists, DWA.

Modula™ S-TP

Modula™ S-TP - Designed for use with poor feed water quality or when higher levels of permeate chemical purity are required.

Modula™ S-XL

Modula™ S-XL - The high output compact unit with in built capability for redundant operation


The economic, proven, reliable RO unit for high purity water for dialysis.