PURELAB® Quest delivers high quality laboratory water quickly, easily, and reliably. Compact and stylish, it sits neatly on your bench or wall, using the smallest of space.

A larger than average tank dispenses Type I, Type II and Type III water, whilst in-built recirculation prevents biofilm build up and sensors monitor quality.

Built sustainably from a decade of experience, we’ve rigorously tested PURELAB® Quest, whilst you can enable digital monitoring via AQUAVISTA™.

ELGA is part of Veolia, the world’s largest environmental services organisation.  Our technology is trusted by laboratories worldwide.


  • An affordable ‘plug and play’ system, dispensing Type I, II and III water
  • Just 510 mm high and 232 mm wide, supplying up to 1.2 litres per minute7-litre reservoir  (17% larger than other bench top  systems)
  • Made from 85%* reclaimed material
  • Connect to AQUAVISTA™ digital monitoring via USB


Point-of-Use Laboratory Water.


PurelabQuest brochure (5.84 MB)
Purelab Quest Technical Specification (8.96 MB)

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