Double pass reverse osmosis system
Sensa reverse osmosis system

SENSA™ double pass reverse osmosis system produces demineralised water for the cosmetics industry. Designed for low conductivity (5 µS/cm) and low bacteria (10 cfu/ 100ml) product outlets.


SENSA is a double pass reverse osmosis system that produces demineralised water for cosmetics applications. This plug & play unit is suitable for transportation into a container. SENSA is FAT tested, as well as ready for CIP operation (CIP connections included). SENSA is a high availability unit, there are six models available according to European standards.

Thanks to its double pass RO configuration, SENSA achieves greater than 99% salt removal and produces water with a conductivity as low as 5 µS/cm. The unit does not require chemical regeneration, these systems operate continuously with no downtime other than for chemical cleaning when needed.

SENSA offers remote monitoring and control, as well as easy access for maintenance. It is designed for indoor conditions : Temperature: 5-35°C. 90% maximum humidity, non-condensing, non-corrosive atmosphere. Under cover installation, no direct sunlight). There are six  skid mounted units with flow rates ranging from 1.4 to 10 m³/h (depending upon inlet water quality). SENSA is fully designed and standardised  thanks to Veolia Water Technologies proven expertise.

Sensa technology

Features and benefits : 

  • No acidic or caustic regeneration chemicals required
  • High efficiency motors and VFD pumps: up to 50% electrical energy savings
  • Ready for manual CIP 
  • High recovery to minimize water losses (up to 90% vs 75% on conventional systems)
  • Plug & play unit suitable for transportation into a container, allowing for a short lead, installation and start-up times

Options : 

  1. pH control and dosing set
  2. Hardness monitor
  3. CFR21 part 11 HMI software  
  4. RO concentrate recovery / Inlet TDS up to 500 ppm            
  5. Automatic Valve for RO permeate tank
  6. ASME BPE Stainless steel pipe on SENSA outlet
  7. Hubgrade enabled for premium servicing capability
  8. CO2 removal membrane degasser (sweep mode or combo mode)
  9. Witnessed Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) including wet tests



SENSA produces demineralised water for cosmetics applications.



  • Witnessed Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) including wet tests
  • Local after-sales service and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of installed plant.
  • Digital Services - Hubgrade: Our clients can benefit from our secured cloud-based offer to maximize biological and hydrological capacity, to prevent CAPEX extension and ensure stability, ensure OPEX reduction and to prevent production shut-down.

Consumables & spare parts:

  • FILO™ Cartridge Filters
  • VEOLIA VRO™ Membranes