Veolia Water Technologies is committed to helping their customers to meet and grow our Water Sustainability Needs.

At Veolia Water Techonogies we are fully aware of the importance of water sustainability. We offer a range of solutions to maximise sustainable water usage and we continue to strive towards delivering water recovery, recycle, reuse solutions.

In line with Veolia's Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable development is key to our business activities. We offer a range of solutions that assist our customers in meeting their environmental and sustainable waste needs.

Water, a valuable resource

  • Our Water Impact Index measures human impact on water volume, resource stress and quality enabling better informed water management decisions.
  • Our range of sustainable technologies include proven alternatives for Recycle, Recover and Reuse applications
  • Reducing your Water and Carbon footprint optimises costs and minimises financial and environmental risks.
We have an excellent reputation across a wide range of industry sectors because we take the time to understand our customers' unique business challenges and become a trusted partner delivering Sustainable Pure Water Solutions upon which their operations rely.
Veolia Water Technologies has been providing specialised Pure Water Solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Scientific, Food & Beverage and Microelectronics industries throughout Ireland for over 30 years.