The Critical Role of Pure Water in Clinical Analysis

The client

From a small team of 5 people in 1990, ICON now employs almost 8,000 people across 77 offices in 39 countries. Their goal is to provide exceptional services to complete their clients' clinical trials. Their services include clinical research, biometrics, data management, interactive technologies, global central laboratory, imaging, clinical pharmacology, resourcing and consulting services.

ICON Central Laboratory, Dublin ran over three million tests in 2010. Their customers consist of major multinational pharmaceutical companies focused on drug manufacture which rely on Icon to assist with the clinical trials and analysis of proposed new products. The analytical services provided by ICON account as a key stage in the overall preparation for worldwide launch of new drugs.

Pure Water is a critical component required at many stages of clinical analysis, the sheer importance of a reliable, continued source of pure water cannot be understated. Simply put, without the availability of high quality water analysis cannot take place.


ICON Central Laboratory, Dublin use Roche Analyser units in their labs and today these analysers are fed with a constant supply of purified water from two ELGA Medica Pro RE120s. With a need for high volumes of purified water for multiple analysers, the Medica Pro units are the optimum choice delivering consistent results for ICON without fail. The distribution of this water throughout their laboratories is made possible via an innovative duplex loop design that includes point of use outlets on each loop thus providing a continual source of purified water even if one loop needs to be taken off line for a period.

This new installation is an upgrade of existing Veolia equipment which has been used by ICON's main analysing laboratories for almost ten years.

Key Benefits

  1. Consistently high levels of purified water available on demand
  2. High quality particle free water enables more accurate and precise pipetting of both sample and reagent
  3. UV and ultra micron filtration (0.05 μm) for bacterial and particle control, reduces bacterial contamination
  4. Increased QC/calibrator stability reduces lot to lot variation
  5. Duplex loop design delivers a flexible and continual supply of pure water.