New Thermapure for a hospital in Dublin

The client’s needs

The hospital in Dublin were upgrading their Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) equipment. One of the key elements of the project was to upgrade their existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to a new system that would allow for hot water sanitisation. The new RO system needed to be a compact design to fit in the available plant room space. Other key deliverables for the client included minimal installation time and a short delivery time. The design was to provide enough capacity to feed low Endotoxin water to 2 new autoclaves and 3 washers in the hospital.

The solution

Veolia Water Technologies Ireland provided the hospital with a Thermapure 600 system to meet the hospital’s requirements. Our reputation, experience and ability to provide a solution in a timely manner were key factors in winning the project.

The solution provided is a Thermapure 600 l/hr skid, including pre-treatment comprised of particulate filtration, followed by duplex Ionsoft carbosofteners and the Thermapure skid itself. The Reverse Osmosis water is further polished using Deionization cylinders so as to guarantee the required conductivity specification of less than uS/cm. The system feeds a stainless steel loop. The Thermapure range of compact heat sanitisable reverse osmosis systems provides cost-effective water to meet the latest decontamination guidelines. It incorporates the latest water purification technologies and a programmable logic controller for continuous monitoring of water quality parameters. 

Veolia's capability for a shorter lead time and installation compared with our competitors was critical for the customer. The hospital required minimal downtime in order to keep disruption to service and care of its patients to a minimum.

Veolia were able to provide a high quality solution that was critical for our hospital. Their expertise and ability to provide a solution as quickly as possible was very important to us.

The Thermapure fully automated heat disinfection program has eliminated the need for chemical sanitisation. An easy to use touch screen monitor allows for secure access levels, simple maintenance procedures and displays real-time graphical data. This has minimised the need for hands on maintenance of the system.

Process description

Water quality is maintained to the required specification using Reverse Osmosis (RO) system flush on startup. RO water quality is managed using a conductivity meter with alarm set points. The touch screen interface presents service condition feedback, alarms and hours run. Diagnostic analysis is supported by alarm and sanitisation history and timestamps. 

Thermapure Treated Water Quality

Model (standard range)   600
Make Up Rate l/hr 600
Recovery Max % 75
Conductivity @15°C µS/cm <30* (*For this installation <5 was required & supplied)
Bacteria CFU/100ml <10
Endotoxins EU/ml <0.25


The Client

An independent acute care hospital in Dublin. The hospital is home to one of the busiest Endoscopy and growing Cardiology Centres in Ireland. The hospital is renowned for the quality of medical service provision and combines the latest medical technologies and approaches with traditional values, compassion and personalised medical care.

Key Figures

  • 6 Weeks
    Time from order to delivery
  • <5μs/cm-1
  • <0.25eu/100ml

Thermapure benefits

  • Skid mounted, standardised systems enable quick installation and start-up.
  • RO system flush on start-up ensures water is maintained to specification
  • Intuitive and simple to use colour touch screen displays service conditions, alarms and hours run in text format. 
  • Flexible heat disinfection programme eliminates the need for chemical sanitisation.