Berkefeld PurBev®

The hygienic design standard for water treatment.

BERKEFELD PurBev® is a standard range of hygienic water treatment solutions for the food and beverage industries which can be scaled and modified according to specific requirements.

The wide variety of requirements placed on the hygienic design of beverage water production systems calls for specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of production processes.

The design of the BERKEFELD PurBev® product range complies with national and international directives. PurBev® does not only represent a hygienic system design. Specific know-how and binding standards ensure maximum hygiene is maintained along the entire value chain. This holistic approach guarantees high quality and reliability for the production of beverage water.

All PurBev® series are based on a system standard, which can be scaled and modified according to respective requirements.


Hygienic materials and components

Special materials and components prevent microbial risks and ensure optimum product quality.



Maximum Product Quality and Safety

BERKEFELD PurBev® hygienic water treatment systems ensure maximum product quality and safety in food and beverage production whilst reducing operating costs and risks.

  • Optimum product quality & product safety  by minimizing microbiological risks
  • Maximum system availability thanks to longer cleaning intervals and maintenance cycles
  • Economical operation based on high system efficiency & decreased need of cleaning supplies
  • Low maintenance & service costs due to less & freely accessible components
  • Lower OPEX due to chemical, water and energy savings
  • Sustainability: Longer lifetime and lower lifecycle costs (low TCO)



  • PurBev® Media Filter
  • PurBev® Carbon Filter
  • PurBev® RO
  • PurBev® UF
  • PurBev® Polisher
  • PurBev® Softener



  • PurBev® Pump Skids
  • PurBev® Storage Tanks
  • PurBev® Water Distribution Systems
  • PurBev® Automation

Minimizing microbial risks in your system:

  • Surfaces CIP/SIP able
  • Self-draining piping arrangement
  • Pipeline gradient 1 - 3 %
  • Hygienic joints and gaskets
  • Optimized flow design to avoid stagnant water


Prevention of external impurities:

  • Closed process
  • High degree of automation
  • Surfaces suited for residue-free cleaning


Reliable cleaning and disinfection:

  • Surfaces CIP/SIP able
  • Mixproof separation of media
  • Defined cleaning paths
  • Defined flow velocity for cleaning


Hygienic Design

The Purbev® product range is based on national and international directives:

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • DIN EN 1672-2:2009
  • DIN EN ISO 14159
  • DIN EN ISO 21469
  • DIN 10516
  • DIN 10528
  • GMP
  • VDI

Trained personnel:

Continuous hygiene training programs prevent contamination due to improper handling of components and systems.


Quality assurance

Planning, procurement, production, logistics, assembly and startup are carefully tailored to suit the specific requirements on hygiene.


Competent service

A worldwide network of specially trained service technicians is available for support and maintaining the value of your systems.


Continuous monitoring

  • Online quality assurance
  • Trend analysis
  • Traceability of individual batches