Berkefeld PurBev® Polisher

Hygienic, Backwashable Particle Filter.

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Polisher is an hygienic design particle filter for food and beverage water treatment.

 It is used for polishing after sand and activated carbon filtration.



  • Sand and/or activated carbon filtrate polishing preventing fine particles from being present in the final beverage product water
  • Preventing sand, rust and other solid particles from entering water distribution networks and installations



  • Minimized microbial risk
  • Less particles in treated product water
  • Cartridges easy to remove and clean externally (compressed air or high pressure washer)
  • Easy dismantling for maintenance
  • Long cartridge lifetime



Nominal flow rates: 10 – 120 m³/h per unit



  • Robust cartridge filter featuring manual backwashing capability
  • Available nominal filter fineness: 15 and 25 µm
  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Hot water/steam sanitisable system
  • Hygienic pipe design, hygienic materials and EHEDG approved components
  • Self-draining piping arrangement for reliable cleaning and disinfection



  • Automatic backwashing
  • Pressure transmitters (differential pressure)
  • Automatic deaerating (air release) valves
  • Integration into frontal piping of Activated Carbon Filters
  • Supporting frame in SS 1.4301


Case Study - Mineral Water Brand - Poland (EN) (408.23 KB)
Case Study - Brewery - Cameroun (EN) (499.42 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink Production - UAE (EN) (276.38 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink Production - Egypt (EN) (472.13 KB)
Case Study - Process Water Treatment - Germany (EN) (443.55 KB)
Case Study - Soft Drink plant - North Africa (EN) (487.41 KB)

Berkefeld PurBev® RO

BERKEFELD PurBev® RO reverse osmosis plants are engineered according to hygienic design standards and meet the highest performance requirements of our customers in the food and beverage industry. Systems of this product range remove impurities and particles from water at efficiencies greater than 99%.