MULTIFLO™ technology is a universal and multipurpose clarification process. It can meet various needs of municipal and industrial clients.

The MULTIFLO Pack is a modular design of packaged plants offering all the advantages of the technology in a standardised product range with 4 possible options. It can contain 1 to 3 steel tanks in order to cover 2 to 4 treatment steps. 

MULTIFLO Pack Mk1 offers 12 different models of flocculation, coagulation and contact tank, with flow rates from 11 to 231 m3/h. This version makes it possible to offer the product at an optimised cost while improving its performance thanks to the cylindrical design of 2 tanks and by optimising water distribution after lamellas and mirror surface.

Features and benefits : 

  • High flocculation efficiency thanks to patented Turbomix technology
  • Higher settling velocity than conventional settlers
  • Possibility to combine tanks to fit the DUO and TRIO Multiflo series for specific treatment requirements

Options : 

  • Security platform + access by caged ladder
  • Materials upgrade
  • Lamellas type upgrade
  • Scraper picket fence & anti-bypass cone


  • Turbidity and colour removal
  • Pesticides & organic matter
  • Softening
  • Lime water production
  • Seawater clarification


  • Primary
  • Primary + Backwash or Biodisks or trickling filters
  • Secondary (Post MBBR)
  • Tertiary (SS, Phosphorus removal, Carb)

Sludge thickening

  • Actiflo Sludge or Backwash (filters, bio filters)

Other applications

  • Heavy metals removal

Services : 

Local after-sales service and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of installed plants.

Consumables & spare parts:

  • Motor
  • Bearing + seals
  • Torques limiter
  • Torque limiter : filing only
  • Rotation sensor
  • Rubber blades


MULTIFLO™ PACK Datasheet (344.83 KB)