OSIRIS - RO System

Our OSIRIS range of reverse osmosis systems use the latest RO techniques to produce biopure water for sterile services and endoscopy that is low in conductivity, bacteria and endotoxins, ensuring optimum cleanliness of surgical instruments. It is a fully integrated packaged reverse osmosis water treatment system, specifically designed and validated to meet requirements for washer disinfectors and steam sterilisers used in sterile service facilities.

OSIRIS is designed to HTM 01-01/01-06 for washer disinfectors and autoclaves, and is skid-mounted for easy install. The OSIRIS has an integrated clean in place system and its flexible design is available with a duplex duty/standby option.

OSIRIS Reverse Osmosis System Benefits

  • High efficiency reverse osmosis membranes
  • Programmable alarms monitor water quality and RO system performance
  • Easy installation
  • Automated disinfection
  • Carbon footprint and water sustainability evaluation available
  • Complete service and validation support provided by Veolia Water Technologies


Endoscopy and Sterile Services


Osiris Reverse Osmosis Water Sterile Services Datasheet (201.96 KB)