Purelab® Chorus

Lab Water Systems
ELGA Purelab Chorus laboratory water systems

Modular laboratory water systems that configure bespoke solutions for scientific applications.


The Purelab Chorus range is made up of modular laboratory water systems allowing you to configure bespoke solutions for your scientific applications. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including sophisticated research and testing, qualitative analyses, feeding ultrapure water systems, glassware washing and autoclaves.  The range includes:

PURELAB® Chorus 1: With its simple and ergonomic design and ease-of-use, purified lab water can be dispensed directly from the system or from a choice of Halo Dispensers, this means you can add multiple dispense points without having to pay for additional systems.

  • PURELAB® Chorus 1: When you require the ultimate in water purity, the PURELAB® Chorus 1 laboratory water system provides the perfect solution.
  • PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete: The new PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete provides 18.2MW.cm ultrapure laboratory water (Type I), at up to 20 litres an hour direct from a potable water supply.

Purelab Chorus 2: For analytical and life science applications, it’s the new PURELAB® Chorus 2 for 15MΩ.cm water (Type II) with RO, plus, either DI or EDI.  

Four variants now exist; 10 and 20 litre an hour, with and without boost pumps – to help increase the pressure, if required. PURELAB® Chorus 2 includes a patented, fully recirculating, EDI technology, which is the only laboratory water system on the market that is able to fully recirculate to maintain >15 MΩ.cm to ensure that there is no deterioration in purified water quality over time.

Purelab Chorus 3: The PURELAB® Chorus 3 is the reliable source of general laboratory grade (Type III) water with a choice of 15, 30, 60 and 100 litre storage reservoirs designed to maintain optimum purity of stored purified water.



  • Halo Dispense Solutions: Three remote dispensing and monitoring solutions.
  • Storage Reservoirs: Designed to accommodate Purelab Chorus water purification systems.


Point-of-use ultrapure water systems for research and testing in laboratories.