Type 3 Water

Type 3 Water

Type III greade water, also known as RO water, is water produced through the purification technology reverse osmosis. This type of water has the lowest level of purity, but is typically the starting point for basic lab applications, such as cleaning glassware, heating baths or media preparation. It can also be used as a feed water for Type 1 water production. 

Type 3 Water Products:

Purelab Chorus 3

The PURELAB® Chorus 3 is the reliable source of general laboratory grade (Type III) water with a choice of 15, 30, 60 and 100 litre storage reservoirs designed to maintain optimum purity of stored purified water.

Purelab Quest

A larger than average tank dispenses Type I, Type II and Type III water, whilst in-built recirculation prevents biofilm build up and sensors monitor quality.

Purelab Flex III

The Purelab Flex range includes four ultrapure and pure water systems for laboratories, offering varying volumes, pressures and dimensions.

Biopure 200

Specifically designed for sterile services/decontamination and endoscopy and is ideal for preventing the depositions commonly associated with using mains water to rinse endoscopes and automated endoscope reprocessors (AER).

Centra R60/120

Complete water purification, storage, control and distribution systems delivering up to 120 litres per hour of water purified using reverse osmosis, UV photo-oxidisation, optional deionisation and 0.2 µm filtration.

Biopure 60/120

Compact, cost-effective and easy to use water purification system to meet the very latest medical standards.