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Cooling systems are critical assets of every industry and typically translate to high operating costs. Scaling, fouling, corrosion and poor legionella control can impact productivity and product quality while causing potential risks to the health and safety of operators. Hydrex® programs for cooling combine chiller chemicals, equipment, digital and services for optimal performance and minimal environmental impact.




To define the optimal treatment and control strategy, the Hydrex chemical program for cooling starts with a  risk assessment to evaluate the system’s configuration and operating conditions, taking into account all parameters and constraints. The objectives of the program are:

corrosive waste picto

To control corrosion rate in order to prevent equipment failure 



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To control microbiological activity and cleanliness of the system.




To identify critical process equipment and define specific protection programs.




To prevent technical issues thanks to digital supervision in case of leaks and organic contamination.



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To reach maximum sustainability by using the less harmful chemicals and the most environmentally friendly techniques. 

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To prevent scaling on heat transfer surfaces in order to maximize system performance.




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To comply with and even anticipate legislation on legionella risk and wastewater discharge standards.




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To allow the cooling system to operate at an optimal cycle of concentration in order to generate chemical, energy and water savings.



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To limit the handling of chemicals and improve safety for the operators thanks to appropriate storage tanks and injectors.



Features of Hydrex programs for cooling 

Chemical formulations specifically designed for cooling tower water treatment.
Veolia’s expert digital services to take the chemical water conditioning programs performance even further.
Smart chemical dosing and monitoring technology for optimized, sustainable performance.
On-site support, result-driven consulting and high-level expertise from our dedicated team members.
An effective alternative technology to chemical biocides for your cooling towers.
Full range of specialized equipment to optimize the performance of water treatment chemical programs.